Welcome to Country Kitchen cures blog where we talk about homemade cures and remedies for a variety of illness and issues.  We will talk about our personal experience as well as others experience with the all New Gods Herbs homemade cures and remedies. We will discuss and learn how this all new propietary blend of herbs can help with homemade cures for migraine headaches as well as a multitude of serious to moderate problems.



My Personal Testimonial for Gods Herbs

My Name is Millard Jacobs and I have had migraine headaches for almost as long as I can remember before accidentally discovering Gods Herbs from Country Kitchen Cures.  At one point the migraines were so bad that I was taking between 10-20 tylenol, advil, and alleve every day, some days I could get by with 10 or 12 pills and other days I’d have to take up to 20 before I could get the pressure in my head to subside and go away.

Gods Herbs and Homemade remedies from country kitchen cures has literally saved my life I do believe.  I had been scanned a few times only for the DR.’s to tell me they couldn’t find anything wrong, and the medication they wanted to put me on would have affected my Sexual Nature they said… so that option was out! ( I’m only 43 )

I went from taking all those pills to taking absolutely none.  The Country Kitchen Cures Gods Herbs truly has been a miracle Homemade cure for my migraines and headaches.  There is something in the ingredients that has honestly and literally stopped my headaches and migraines.   I simply put a small size amount onto my finger and rub it into my temple and head and within a few minutes the pressure and throbbing goes away ( I also eat it, but I cannot recommend you do the same by law…even though the ingredients are all natural and will not hurt you )

As a matter of fact I haven’t had one headache since using The Gods Herbs Recipe, I put it on my temple and forehead everyday and let a little bit dissolve under my tounge.  If I feel a migraine headache that feels like it wants to come on, I simply go ahead and get out my bottle of Gods Herbs and go through my ritual.

Here is the link Below, Gods Herbs has over 21 ingredients from around the world and helps with just about any illness you can think of.  Read the ingredients from our ingredients page on our site and see the benefits of this 100% All Natural cure for Migraines and headaches and a multitude of other problems we will discuss in this blog.


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