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Country Kitchen Cures is a good homemade cure or remedy for toothaches.  We all know a toothache can be a debilitating and worry some problem causing allot of pain and discomfort.  We can’t always make it to a dentist when we should due to allot of reasons so we thought we would let everyone know that that the Gods Herbs in our Country Kitchen cures recipe is good for stopping toothaches as well as a host of other illness we will talk about…. I don’t think the ingredients are gonna cure any toothache as you may have to see a Dentist for that, but what we are offering is a very good temporary relief from a toothache.

Something in the ingredients actually goes into the nerves and helps to alleviate the pain and pressure of a bad tooth.

The ingredients in The Country Kitchen Recipe help to alleviate and stop the painful throbbing when you have a bad tooth I know from witnessing it first hand.  I have had several people whom includes my current wife use it when they have a toothache.

Simply rub the Creme on the outside of your jaw where you have the toothache real good,,, I am not supposed to tell you you can put it directly on the tooth and gum for quicker effect because it’s not for consumption but it’s ingredients are all natural and will not hurt you.

If you’d like to check out the ingredients and prices you can visit our site below where we have many of the ingredients listed and their benefits.




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