Homemade Remedy Cure for Mersa Home made remedies and cures for Mersa

I want to tell my story my encounter with Mersa ( Staph Infection ) and what I did to finally get rid of it.  I was diagnosed with Mersa a few years ago after going to the Dr. for a bump that would not go away. The bump started out as this little tiny bump that was itching.  Me not knowing any better I tried to pop it… was the worse pain ever caused by a tiny little bump.

Well After I tried squeezing it it got bigger, and bigger and bigger.  I even resorted to putting fat back on it to try and suck out the puss, but it just made it worse. ( yea, I know but you’ll try anything when your in pain )  It wouldn’t pop and it was getting to be the size of a quarter and really painful, I couldn’t hardly wear pants because of where it was ( It was right above my pubic hair line on my stomach )

I finally went to the Dr and they did a swab and come back and told me I had Staph Infection in it ( Mersa ) and it would have to be cut out.  They said I’d always have it in my skin for the rest of my life and that I might have break outs from time to time.  My heart hit the floor, here was this DR telling me I had to have a big gash cut into my stomach and spend the next 3 days in a hospital getting strong medication from IV’s from a Bump that just seemed to get bigger and bigger.

I went to the hospital and had the surgery done.  When I woke they had not closed up the gash in my stomach and had a machine with a suction device hooked to it to keep it draining. ( So now I have a 4 inch gash in my stomach and now I have to wear this pump thing on my shoulder sucking out the drainage for a couple of weeks )

After the surgery I remained in the hospital for 3 more days before they would let me go. They had medicine in Iv’s they said that would help get rid of the infection during my stay.  I was told that if I ever developed another painful bump no matter how big it was, that I should find the nearest doctor and have them check it for mersa, then I’d have to go sit in the Outpatient urgent care hospital somewhere for several hours and be pumped full of Medication.

I did have to wear the pump for about 2 weeks and have Hospice come out every other day and change the dressing.  And let me tell you, changing the dressing on a big gash in your stomach without any numbing medicine is torcher.  The lady would come out and literally have to pull the gauze out of the big gash in my stomach, and each time repack it again.  It was a slow and painful process to heal and took about 2 and a half to 3 weeks to finally heal up.  I am left now with a hugh scar on my stomach ( see pic below, below that you will see a red mark, that is the second bump I cured by myself with my concoction )


I went about a year and a half and developed another bump in the area that I had the last one, it was very painful and begin to swell on it’s on without me touching it.  I started doing some research online for Homemade cures for Mersa ( Staph Infection ) and discovered several miracles.  While I was doing my searching I went to the flea market and ran into this older fellow promoting this Gods Herbs Recipe from Country Kitchen Cures.  We talked about the creme for a while and I got a bottle.  The creme had a purpose for just about everything including mersa.

When I got the Country Kitchen Cures recipe I begin putting it on the Mersa Bump and almost immediately it begin to shrink.  I also used coconut oil on the Mersa Bump ( Staph Infection ) it and eat the coconut oil as well.   I eat the coconut oil and the Country Kitchen Cures recipe.  To my astonishment the bump begin to go completely away, it shrank and shrank until it went completely away and only left a small red mark ( See the photo above )

I cannot guarantee my results will work for everyone, I am just telling what it did for me and my Mersa Staph Infection.  I make no claims as to what it will or wont do for you, all I can do it show and tell what it did for me personally. Gods country kitchen cures recipe has turned out to be a good homemade remedy for mersa for me personally.  It can’t hurt to give it a try if you want to try and cure mera naturally.

If you’d like to try a sample out you can read up on the ingredients Below


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Homemade cures for all your Illnesses

Homemade cures for Migraines, Toothaches, Gout, Sprains, Hemarroids, Shingles, and a host of other problems that we encounter during out life.

Click here to see our ingredients and if we can help you in any way with a homemade cure.  Gods herbs from Country Kitchen Cures is sure to help with whatever problem you may be having,,, I’ve not seen one time where our ingredients in Country Kitchen Cures has not helped and alleviate pain and discomfort in about everything.


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The ingredients in Gods Herbs from Country Kitchen cures is even a good homemade remedy for colds.  The ingredients in our Recipe actually help get rid of the cold virus as well as ease the symptoms.   Results will vary with each person but from our experience everyone who has tried our Recipe is a repeat customer.

There is so much that this creme can be used for it’s simply amazing.  Not only can the creme be used for colds, toothaches, shingles and migraines but an entire host of nasty little illness we humans tend to pick up in life.

Read our ingredients page at some of the benefits of taking and using our Gods Herbs Recipe, I am sure we can help with your homemade cures for whatever ails you.


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Good Homemade remedy for Toothaches and Migraine Headaches Guaranteed

The ingredients in Gods Country Herbs by Country Kitchen cures helps with migraines as well as toothaches.  When you feel a headache coming on simply apply the creme to your temple and forehead.  I personally let about a dime size dissolve under my tonge.  I am not supposed to tell you it’s edible but the ingredients are 100% all Natural and will not hurt you.  I put it under my tonge and let it dissolve as well as rub it up and down the arteries in my arms.

When I rub it into the arteries in my arm I can feel it almost immediately.  It’s not like a high, it’s more like a feeling of health.  I notice nothing is hurting when I take it and I feel unusually very healthy.  You just notice that there is nothing wrong.

I have had Migraine Headaches for almost as long as I remember before running into Gods County Kitchen Cures.  When I first got it  I got it for Mersa ( We’ll discuss that later ) The guy at the flea market I had remembered said it was good for headaches and migraines as well, so when I felt a headache coming on I put some on my temple and center of my forehead, and of course I dissolved some under my tonge, and voila no more headaches.

When I applied the creme I noticed a cool sensation run across my forehead and could actually feel the pressure going away.  I was blown away!!, I couldn’t believe it,  I was taking between 10 and 20 tylenol every day and ruining my liver, but after taking this one time I have never had to take another tylenol, alleve or ibuprofen again.

When  I feel a migraine or headache wanting to come on I get out my Country Kitchen Cures Recipe and apply it like I usually do on my temple and forehead.  Most of the time now I take it like a ritual so there is no sign of a headache or migraine the first.


The ingredients in Gods Country Kitchen cures really is a miracle for curing and preventing migraine headaches.  I had been to the Dr and even scanned a few times only for the Dr’s to tell me there was nothing wrong they could see, and the medication they wanted to put me on was not only expensive but it would have interfered with my sexual nature ( I’m only 43 so I couldn’t have that )

I am very thankful to of found God Country Kitchen Cures as it has really helped me with with the Migraines as well as Mersa that I had.  I was so impressed by my results and with the ingredients and all the ailments it can be used for that I decided to build a website and help others to find a homemade cure or remedy for migraine headaches and other nasty little illness and injurys.


Gods Herbs is a good homemade remedy cure for Toothaches as well.  Were not saying it will stop the pain from a rotten tooth, only a dentist can fix that, what were saying is the ingredients in the Country Kitchen Cures Recipe can alleviate the pain and pressure from the toothache.  Mostly Gods herbs are good for Absesses under the tooth, it helps to relieve the swelling that causes pain and pressure to be felt in the nerves of the tooth.

In no way are we saying the ingredients will cure your toothache, were just offering a homemade remedy that will ease the pressure off of the toothache so you can get to a proper dentist to have the area looked at.

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Homemade cures and Remedies for shingles

Gods Country Herbs from Country Kitchen cures is a good homemade cure for shingles and a variety of other problems and issues. Gods country herbs has been known to help reduce, rid and alleviate the painful irritation from shingles.

Shingles is a form of chicken pox that comes out of it’s dormant state and causes red and itchy bumps and rashes to form on the skin.  Gods Country Herbs   helps to alleviate the symptoms and reduce the swelling in shingles.  We cannot say that it will cure your shingles but Gods Herbs from Country Kitchen Cures will definately reduce the swelling and cause the itching to go away.

The owner who make The Country Kitchen Cures recipe has shingles outbreaks and swears that when they do decide to break him out he uses The Gods Country Herbs Recipe and it immediately gives him relief from the itching and irritation from the swelling bumps.

Give Gods Country Kitchen cures recipe a try to help out with your shingles if you’re a shingle suffer or you know someone who is. The samples are less than $10.00 with shipping and has over 21 ingredients in them from all over the world and will really help out with the irritation.

Just rub the Gods country Cure liberally all over the infected areas and work it in well.   To help and prevent future outbreaks from shingles in the future simply apply a small amount at least every other day to your skin.  You’ll be amazed at how good it will make you feel.

Also a Great homemade remedy for toothaches, migranes, and many many more serious to moderate issues as well.


Good Homemade Cure Remedy for pink eye, helps cure and relieve Pink Eye


Homemade remedies and cures for Migraine Headaches and a host of other illness including Pink Eye. Home made cure for just about everything that could go wrong with you including Diabetes, Shingles and Mersa.  Here we will talk about the benefits of gods herbs and how the ingredients can help you with your particular problem or illness.

Gods Herbs I have seen with my own eyes cure and get rid of the Pink Eye.  I have a 6 year old little girl who came home one day sick.  She had the pink eye in one eye and the nurse said she’d probably have to go to the Dr to get some drops for it.

I took Gods Herbs Recipe from Country Kitchen cures and begin lightly coating her eye with it.  After a few hours she still had the chinnese eye but the red was gone, so I dosed her again.  When she woke the next morning the chinese eye was gone and her eye was completely cleared up of the Pink Eye.  We did not take her to the Dr to confirm it was pink eye, but I’ve seen pink eye before as I’m the parent of 3 small kids.

The pic below is not my daughter ( I didn’t take pics of her ) but this is very similar to what her eye was looking like, only a little worse.  The nurse said it would most likely spread to the other eye and she’d need drops from the Dr., but after dosing her with the Gods Herbs Recipe creme it cleared right up and I didn’t have to take her to the Dr.


Pink eye is a Virus with no known Medical cure approved by the FDA. But The ingredients in Country Kitchen cures will help get rid of it, I have seen it clear it up with my own eyes personally.  Just cause the FDA doesn’t approve it doesn’t mean there is not a cure.  The FDA is run by the government and there is no profit in Cures.

Pink eye causes the small blood vessels in the eyes to be more noticeable, ergo the name Pink Eye.  Gods Country Kitchen cures is a good  homemade remedy for pink eye and can help save you and your family a visit to the Dr to get drops.

Simply lightly apply the creme to the affected area a few times a day and the virus and redness should go away.  Again we cannot guarantee any results as results may vary, but we can tell you about our experience and hopefully save you a Dr Bill or unnecessary Discomfort from the Pink eye

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