Good Homemade Cure Remedy for pink eye, helps cure and relieve Pink Eye 

Homemade remedies and cures for Migraine Headaches and a host of other illness including Pink Eye. Home made cure for just about everything that could go wrong with you including Diabetes, Shingles and Mersa.  Here we will talk about the benefits of gods herbs and how the ingredients can help you with your particular problem or illness.

Gods Herbs I have seen with my own eyes cure and get rid of the Pink Eye.  I have a 6 year old little girl who came home one day sick.  She had the pink eye in one eye and the nurse said she’d probably have to go to the Dr to get some drops for it.

I took Gods Herbs Recipe from Country Kitchen cures and begin lightly coating her eye with it.  After a few hours she still had the chinnese eye but the red was gone, so I dosed her again.  When she woke the next morning the chinese eye was gone and her eye was completely cleared up of the Pink Eye.  We did not take her to the Dr to confirm it was pink eye, but I’ve seen pink eye before as I’m the parent of 3 small kids.

The pic below is not my daughter ( I didn’t take pics of her ) but this is very similar to what her eye was looking like, only a little worse.  The nurse said it would most likely spread to the other eye and she’d need drops from the Dr., but after dosing her with the Gods Herbs Recipe creme it cleared right up and I didn’t have to take her to the Dr.


Pink eye is a Virus with no known Medical cure approved by the FDA. But The ingredients in Country Kitchen cures will help get rid of it, I have seen it clear it up with my own eyes personally.  Just cause the FDA doesn’t approve it doesn’t mean there is not a cure.  The FDA is run by the government and there is no profit in Cures.

Pink eye causes the small blood vessels in the eyes to be more noticeable, ergo the name Pink Eye.  Gods Country Kitchen cures is a good  homemade remedy for pink eye and can help save you and your family a visit to the Dr to get drops.

Simply lightly apply the creme to the affected area a few times a day and the virus and redness should go away.  Again we cannot guarantee any results as results may vary, but we can tell you about our experience and hopefully save you a Dr Bill or unnecessary Discomfort from the Pink eye

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